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Rebeca Found A Job That Could Accommodate Her Schedule (Testimonial)

A man with a disability sitting beside his female support person

Rebeca is a certified Behavioral Interventionist (BI) and support worker who was looking for a job that could accommodate her busy schedule balancing work and her baby. Her baby goes to daycare on certain days, so finding a job that could accommodate her schedule was tough. “I used to work for an agency, but when I needed to work specific days, it was hard for them to work around my schedule,” says Rebeca. Rebeca had to look somewhere else for work and then learned about Support Worker Central and its jobs which allow you to work directly for the person with the disability and their family.

“Support Worker Central is a great option for finding work because there are good, potential jobs, as well a variety of job options in my field of work. I found it more effective than other job sites. I liked how I could find multiple jobs in my field of work, such as a BI, support worker, and respite work, all in one place” says Rebeca. Rebeca has found multiple positions to accommodate her schedule.

Support Worker Central is unique because you work directly with the person with a disability and/or their support system (like their family). “From my experience, when I deal directly with the families, I have more power over my choices, like who I am supporting, when I work, and my wage expectations – you are kind of like a freelancer managing your own jobs,” states Rebeca. “It is a great option because many of the jobs are flexible, and you may have the opportunity to negotiate your wage and your schedule,” says Rebeca. “In my current position, I have more flexibility in my schedule and am getting paid more than when I was working for an agency,” says Rebeca.


A man with a disability spending time with his support staff