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Colleen Finds A New Team Member for Her Son (Testimonial)

A disabled man standing with his support staff with a view of the mountains in the background

Colleen and her son live in North Vancouver. Her son receives direct funding from Community Living BC and the Ministry of Health. The funding is used to support Colleen’s son to attend his day program and access assistance in the evenings. Colleen needed to hire a part-time day and evening support person for her son. “I found it very difficult to find staff, especially good staff. I tried Craigslist, but I was a bit nervous using it because of the unpredictability of the people applying,” says Colleen. “In the past, I had the most success finding staff through networking and word of mouth,” Colleen states. It wasn’t until the Family Support Institute of BC recommended Support Worker Central as a new tool to find support staff.

Colleen posted a job on Support Worker Central and after a couple of months, she received two inquiries from people interested in learning more about the job. “We hired one of the applicants and she currently still works with our son. It is going great,” says Colleen.

“I liked using Support Worker Central because the people who are looking for work are already interested in this career path. It provides a sense of trust as you don’t always know who you’re going to get through other random job sites,” says Colleen. “I look forward to using Support Worker Central again, and strongly recommend it to other families and caregivers looking to hire support staff.”