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Benefits Working Directly for Someone with a Disability Who Hires their own Support Staff

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Who are the People Hiring on Support Worker Central?

Support Worker Central (SWC) is a unique job board because it is designed specifically for people with disabilities and their support system (families or friends) who hire their own support staff. The person with the disability, or their support system, will hire employees or contractors. SWC does not hire on behalf of the individual or their support system (SWC is not a recruitment agency) but is a hub where people with disabilities needing support, and people looking for work, can connect.

What are the Benefits Working for Someone Who Hires their own Support Staff?

People with disabilities who hire their own staff have a unique opportunity when it comes to employing and retaining staff. There are numerous benefits and perks of the job in which people who hire their own staff can offer.

Sample of Benefits and Perks:

*This is just a sample of some of the perks and benefits that may be offered. Each person or employer will offer some of these perks, but not necessarily all of them. Each person hiring will offer something different.


  • Flexible hours.
  • Empathy when staff encounter challenges that require flexibility at work.
  • Responsive to staff needs and passions (ex. extended time off, days off).
  • Staff can maintain their routines and include the person they are supporting (ex. appointments, running errands).
  • Routine orientated work with opportunities for creative projects.

Staff Recognition

  • Acknowledgment of milestones, achievements, and general appreciation.
  • Celebrate birthdays and other events.
  • Staff appreciation nights.
  • Creating a sense of purpose and belonging.

Financial Benefits

  • Travel opportunities with the person they support.
  • Entertainment opportunities (movies, concerts, etc.).
  • Other benefits (mileage, meals, paid activities).

Rewarding Connections

  • Creates a comfortable, family-like, work environment.
  • Ability to form close relationships between staff team and family.
  • Suggestions and ideas are welcome.
  • Staff can invite friends/family to join them at work for social outings.
  • Staff may be able to bring their children for certain outings/events.
  • Staff may be invited to work during family/social events.
  • Sense of belonging.

On the Job Training

  • On the job training (experience and education are not necessary for most jobs).
  • Quick and open communication channels.
  • Equal treatment as team members.

Making a Difference

  • Opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Creating a sense of purpose for the individual, but also for you.
  • Encouraging an inclusive society by supporting a person within the community.
  • Supporting the person’s right to live the life they choose with the people they want to spend their day with.


View these amazing videos showcasing stories about people who have careers supporting someone with disability. Each person works directly for the person with the disability, or that person’s system of support, enabling an independent lifestyle.