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Harpreet Kaur

I came to Canada as a student in 2019. I love to help others that’s why I’m looking for a job that is of my interest

Jezabel Morin-Dutil

Although I have a social work degree, over the past 13 years I have been working as a teacher and I am excited to return to my field of studies. I am passionate about helping children and families reach their potential while using individualized strength-based plans. I also have experience in a small assisted living […]

Manroop kaur

I have done graduation in nutrition from India and have experience as a dietitian for about 3years.

Eric Boy

Love to serve people who are in need supports.

Olubunmi Oluwaseun Adeniran

I’m a skilled caregiver in providing direct care to clients with various conditions. Understand caregiving basics, including dementia communication strategies, social engagement and physical care, including lifting, bathing and feeding support. Understands age related cognitive differences and creates safe environment through observation and infection control


I’m a person with respect, empathy, and a person-centered mindset. I support a unique needs and abilities of individuals with disabilities, promoting their independence, and ensuring equal opportunities for their personal and professional growth.


A lady that is oriented , ready to maintain one’s own physical ,mental and emotional health to clients for them to reach their goals .Dedicated and passionate of taking people ,that are all ages.Patient ,personnable and proffessional in responding to patients needs with a gentle touch and caring attitude centred on treating all with respect […]

Imran M

Hi ! I am law student, who is taking a break from my studies to be closer to my family in Vancouver I absolutely love working with people from diverse cultural, and developmental backgrounds. I have extensively worked with teenagers, and children with various developmental challenges. I also undertook care of my grandparents as they […]

Janav janav

I am a person with joyful nature, easily gets attached to one another and always help people. I love children and love playing with them while on the other hand I respect elders and want to help them as much I can help .