Amandeep kaur

I’m international nurse and registered with bc care aide registry. Have 10 years of experience as a health care aide.

Aeiman Siddiqui

I am currently training as a Health Care Aide at Cambria College in Vancouver. I will be moving to Victoria near the end of June or mid-July. At this time, I am doing my practicum at Amica West’s Long Term Care Facility. I will be driving a 2012 Toyota Corolla for transportation to my worksite. […]

Lindsay Milnes

I am a Behaviour Interventionist with 9 years experience with children and teens with autism and related special needs. I own a vehicle and have added business insurance for driving clients when needed. A special skill is having the ability to understand how to apply ABA readily in my everyday life and seeing personal progress […]

Female Caregiver on Unique Gulf Island

You will train to Latisha’s specific care needs and lifestyle. Latisha lives in her own accessible home alongside Judy and Michael, her parents. Latisha is a bright, perky 40 year old who uses a computer for speech and both a wheel chair and a walker for mobility. Her care needs include assistance with bathing, dressing, […]

Larena Hammond-Mailey

Hello all! I am Larena, I have many years of experience with those with diverse needs. I have two siblings with Down syndrome and ASD. I have worked in adult care for 5 years. Currently I am a EA in the school district and doing respite. I have my Bachelors degree in social work and […]

Jennifer Rainville

I have lived in Vancouver, more specifically the downtown eastside area for 8 plus years where I have developed strong ties within the community. I act as an advocate for those in need by adressing housing issues, assisting and mediating in conflict resolution, acompanying patients to hospital ER visits and am always eager to learn […]

Heather Brekkaas

I am currently working as an Educational assistant with children grades k-6. I have experience working with children with ASD, FASD, DCD, and severe mental health conditions, as well as those with severe behaviours. I am patient and calm, and am always looking to expand on my education and training in order to better help […]