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Meindert Hinlopen

My name is Meindert Hinlopen and I started Spectrum Health to provide accessible and personalized fitness training for adults living with disabilities. I realize that there is a lack of low barrier resources for adults with disabilities to satisfy their general health and fitness needs. I have created this profile to display my service for […]

Sarim Naveed

Over the last twenty-five years, I have lived in five countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Canada, and The Netherlands. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from The University of British Columbia and a Master of Arts in Philosophy from The University of Amsterdam. Philosophy has helped me to develop critical […]

Gwynn Hughes

I am a mom and a grandmother, I love going for walks, doing arts and crafts, hanging out and having fun! I have a vehicle, I am willing to travel. I charge $30 an hour, $240 for a whole day and $240 for an overnight sleeping shift. I have over 35 years experience working with […]

Monica Boyer

I ha e been working as a Recreation Therapist for 27 years. I have worked with Seniors and the las5 15 years in Tertiary Mental Health.