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Supporting an autistic adult

Job Description

Hi, I am looking for help to support an autist adult who is 29 years old. She is very high functioning and has been very independent moving from the uk to Canada where she has been living for 5 years. We are looking for a helper who can help support her in becoming more organized and keeping to a routine.

Looking for
* help with organization (creating weekly work plan to follow) (adding in social time, alone time, sport time)
* helping organize the house
* help responding to emails and organizing
* help booking appointments eg doctors
* sometimes she needs support doing tasks she does not like eg grocery shopping

* Occasional work maybe 2 x 4 hour shifts a week, we don’t really know yet.

* Previous experience with autistic adults would be great!

Support Needed
Support for Individual Age Group
Skills & Training
Language Spoken
Willing to group with other family to share a Support Worker?