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Support Worker and Tutor for our Neurodivergent Tween Boy

Job Description

We are looking for a part time regular support worker for our 12 year old high functioning autistic son. This would be an an ongoing position. Looking for the right person who could be a solid mentor and guide for our son.

Hours and days are flexible. We have funds for up to 15 hours per week.
We would like someone who has a car and we would pay extra for gas and mileage.
We would be willing to being with another neurodivergent child if you wanted to take care of 2 youth at once.

You would be working in our homes – our son spends half time with each parent in separate homes located near each other in North Vancouver – and also taking our son out into the community.

At home:
Supporting our son to do self care practices and help around the home.
He is also doing cognitive behavioural therapy for OCD and needs support in doing his “homework”.
Supporting him to continue studies in basic academics of reading, writing and math.
Helping him explore new interests and build upon ones he already has like music and art.
Helping him develop executive functioning skills – problem solving, breaking down complex tasks into small chunks and then taking action, working through challenges along the way.

Out into the community and outside:
Getting him physically active e.g. hiking, going to the beach, community centres, skating, skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, going to the skate park. Taking our dog out for a walk. These are all activities he enjoys.
Visiting the library
Visiting other interesting cultural places and events.
Providing one on one support at summer camps.
Getting him involved in some sort of volunteer opportunity where he is contributing to the community somehow. He loves working with animals for example.
Taking him to appointments to see counsellors.

About our son:

He is a very high functioning neurodivergent individual. He is autistic but has a several “co-morbid” diagnoses: ADHD, OCD, nonverbal learning disability and sensory processing challenges. We tried our best to keep him in the educational system from kindergarten to grade 7 but recently this February we just gave up. He is very smart but trying to get him to school and dealing with all of the chaos that happened when he was there was just too much stress.

So since February he’s been at home. Mostly he has been playing a lot of video games – Fortnite especially. COVID has been hard on him. His OCD got worse and his world shrunk a lot. We’re trying to expand it again. He is seeing a couple of counsellors – one online for OCD and another one in person for general help on anxiety.

He is very smart but he is very hard on himself. His confidence and love of learning was severely shaken by his experience in school so far. He is emotionally immature for his age. He needs a lot of tenderness and patience combined with clear direction and firm boundaries. He’s a very kind and considerate person but can absolutely lose it if he gets too triggered and unregulated. These events are rare but they do happen occasionally.


Someone who has experience working with neurodivergent kids.
Has no criminal record.
Has a vehicle.
Likes working with kids.
Has some tutoring experience.
Is physically active themselves.
Preferably lives in North Vancouver and knows North Vancouver.
Willing to work closely and collaboratively with the parents and Gabriel to help create structure and routine which supports his growth and learning.

Support Needed
 Part Time (under 30 hours per week)
Support for Individual Age Group
Personal Care
Willing to Train
Behaviour Support
BI, Willing to Train
Skills & Training
Criminal Record Check (CRC)
Driver’s License
First Aid
Language Spoken
Willing to group with other family to share a Support Worker?