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Seeking a regular part-time respite care worker

Job Description

Hello! I am seeking respite care for an adult with global developmental delay, 1-2 days a week, preferably long term. She is 32 years old and has the personality of a quiet and gentle child but suffers from increased social anxiety due to COVID isolation as well as a recent hospitalization. Our main goals would be for someone to help her get comfortable doing things outside the home. She is not limited in her mobility and has used public transit independently prior to COVID/anxiety. Because of her anxiety, we would need someone patient who can encourage her in a positive manner. Some of her interests include art, boardgames, table tennis, going to malls or amusement parks, but she can be open to other fun things! We would prefer someone with a vehicle but also a willingness to take the skytrain with her some days. Pay is negotiable and dependent on experience.

Support Needed
Part Time (under 30 hours per week)
Support for Individual Age Group
Skills & Training
Criminal Record Check (CRC)
Driver’s License
Language Spoken
Willing to group with other family to share a Support Worker?