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Personal support worker

Job Description

Duties will include but are not limited to the following:
1. Assist the individual with her day-to-day personal care needs as required. This may include but not be limited to: getting her out of bed in the morning, toileting, dressing, bathing and related personal hygiene; food preparation and feeding; doing her hair, makeup, and fingernails. Perform basic physical therapy routines on her as demonstrated by the microboard. 2. Ensure she receives any medications, prescription or non-prescription that she may require, as directed by her microboard. 3. Support her in developing meaningful connections in her community through friendship, volunteer work, hobbies, and recreational activities as cooperatively developed by her, her family, and her microboard. 4. Support her in improving her ability to communicate using her communication device. Facilitate educational lessons such as language development, sentence building and basic math using the device. Read books and magazines to her to broaden her knowledge of the world around her. 5. Maintain all relevant documentation, including but not limited to: the communication book, accounting for her personal funds, and as requested reports on the activities of the shift(s) worked. 6. Prepare meals as required and general household clean up.

7. Maintain level one or better first aid certification. 8. Ensure regular and ongoing contact with the society and/or their designate is maintained in a respectful and timely fashion. Personal qualities necessary for individuals filling this position include but are not limited to: 1. Demonstrate a strong, respectful values base. 2. Demonstration of personal integrity.

3. An understanding of and be able to demonstrate community integration theories and skills. 4. Demonstration of how to sensitively and comprehensively provide personal care support in a person’s family home. 5. A proven ‘common sense’ approach to life. 6. Demonstration of skill in responding to opportunities that will assist Bree in making and/or maintaining connections with friends and her community. 7. Physical ability to perform transfers, lifts, push a power wheelchair, and to take Bree swimming in a pool. 8. Ability to learn how to operate a ceiling lift, power wheelchair, augmentative communication device (speech computer), van wheelchair lift. Must hold a valid class 5 driver’s license or better and be able to operate a full sized van. 9. Have a good basic knowledge of the community and its resources. 10. An ability to laugh and have fun

Support Needed
Support for Individual Age Group
Personal Care
Willing to Train
Mobility Support
Willing to Train
Complex Health Needs
Willing to Train
Skills & Training
Criminal Record Check (CRC)
Driver’s License
First Aid
Language Spoken
Willing to group with other family to share a Support Worker?