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Live-In Support Companion

Job Description

The Live-In Support Companion supports Paul, an individual with a diverse ability, to live an independent, healthy and fulfilled life. The position creates and maintains a positive and safe living environment in the home, manages day staff, and assists with day-to-day living.

The Live-in Support Companion is considered a full-time position, excluding 30 hrs a week when Paul is with his Day Program Companion. The position also receives 4 days per month of respite, and 2 weeks per year of holiday respite. The position can have, and is encouraged, to have another job if they choose.
– Should the situation arise that the Day Program Companion (s) or other support staff is unexpectedly unavailable to care for Paul, it is the responsibility of the Live-In Companion in partnership with Paul, to find a replacement or care for Paul.

The position is classified as Family Care, which means the Live-in Companion will receive $_3734.00___ per month. With these monies, the Live-In Companion will be expected to pay,
including but not limited to; own portion of rent and utilities (approximately $1,200/month);

– groceries for Paul; and household living expenses such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other
misc. living expenses.

The home is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, main floor apartment in downtown Kelowna.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The specific day/evening Live-in Companion responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

1. Assist Paul with his day-to-day personal care needs as seems appropriate.
This may include, but not be limited to:
a) Personal Grooming
 dressing
 personal hygiene

b) Making of meals
 create meals that follow Paul’s specific diet
 shop for groceries
 make sure there are purchased or prepared snacks available for Paul
 prepare Paul’s breakfast and dinner most days, excluding days when there is respite
 prepare Paul’s lunch on days there is no day staff or no respite
 water available for Paul to drink at all times

c) General household clean up (there is a house cleaner that comes once a week, which is paid by the Microboard)
 laundry
 housekeeping
 dishes

d) Ensure Paul receives any medications prescribed by a physician and/or dentist and
any non-prescription medications
 ensure that Paul has a supply of his prescribed medication on hand at all times
 ensure that the emergency procedure, physicians orders and medications are easily accessible if needed
 ensure everyone who is working with Paul is familiar with the procedures

2. Support Paul in developing meaningful connections in his community through friendship,
schooling, hobbies, and recreational activities as cooperatively developed with Paul, his Day Program Companion, his family and his Microboard.

3. Manage Paul’s day staff and respite workers:
a) Manage day staff:
 hire day staff when needed with assistance with Microboard
 be aware who is working which days; manage schedule
 if someone is sick, or on holidays, find/schedule a replacement or be available to help Paul
 make sure all staff have driver’s abstract, first aid, criminal record check, annual flu shot, and COVID-19 vaccination (everything is covered by the Microboard). These are also required for the Live-In Companion position.

b) Have regular staff meetings (every 1- 2 months) to:

 confirm everyone understands the medical procedures
 discuss any issues that may arise
 keep records of what is going well and what’s not
 discuss ideas of new activities to do with Paul
 support each other
 familiarize yourself with Paul’s support staff

c) Manage respite staff:
 responsible for scheduling respite staff
 make sure staff are aware of duties while working

4. Available to take the training offered by the Adult Metabolic Clinic in Vancouver. This may require at least one trip per year to Vancouver.

5. Ensure regular and ongoing contact with Paul’s Microboard and/or their designate is maintained in a respectful and timely fashion. Use the Microboard for support.

Skills and Qualifications

1. Strong communication skills are essential. You create an open and productive environment for conversations.
2. A high level of personal integrity and empathy.
3. Ability to manage a household and enjoy sharing a space.
4. Demonstration of how to provide personal care support sensitively and comprehensively.
5. Demonstration of skill in responding to opportunities that will assist Paul in making
and/or maintaining connections with family, friends, and his community.
6. Ability to work cooperatively as a team member.
7. An ability to laugh and have fun.

Additional Notes:
 Paul relies on medicinal marijuana to help with his disability; thus this is a marijuana friendly home.
 Paul is a very independent man. Even though he requires 24-hour staff, he enjoys time on his own and can independently go out into the community. However, it is important that
there is always someone available incase of emergencies.

Support Needed
 Full Time (30+ hours per week)
Support for Individual Age Group:
Personal Care
Willing to Train
Mobility Support
Willing to Train
Skills & Training
Criminal Record Check (CRC)
Driver’s License
First Aid
Language Spoken
Willing to group with other family to share a Support Worker?