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Morning Care For Male Adult

Job Description

Good day,
We are looking for a support worker to help my brother for 1 hour daily, 7 days a week in the morning anytime between 10am to 1130am. Pay is $25/hour.
He is a 38 year old sweet gentle quiet boy on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s). He is able bodied, well spoken, and intelligent. Tasks are to supervise his brushing, face washing, and change of clothes daily. He does all his tasks himself, just needs to be kindly asked.
We reside on 68th Ave and 145th Street, near Bell Performing Arts.
If you are interested please,
Call, text, or email me (Natasha) on 778-788-4946 (sasha1148@gmail.com)

Support Needed
 Part Time (under 30 hours per week)
Support for Individual Age Group
Personal Care
Incontinence Care
Skills & Training
Criminal Record Check (CRC)
Language Spoken
Willing to group with other family to share a Support Worker?