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BI needed for 6 year old girl with autism in Maple Ridge

Job Description


I have a 6 years old daughter with autism. She currently goes to Chrysta Learning Centre in Maple Ridge for school. I need a BI who could assists me with picking her up and dropping her off. She goes to a daycare (for Before & After School Care) in Valley Fair Mall in Maple Ridge. She would need to be picked up every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:45am to be dropped off at Chrysta Learning Centre (school starts at 9am). At 2:30pm, she needs to be picked up from Chrysta and dropped off back at the daycare (only 1 – 2 blocks’ distance). She has autism, and is non-verbal with flight risk issues. She has a very bubbly and cheerful personality. I would be providing you the car-seat.

The hours are very short, probably only 5 to 7 hours maximum a month. It’s just picking up and dropping off. Please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss about rates. I need someone who is patient and reliable.

Thursdays are optional, but the time and pick up location is different. If you can do this I would much appreciate it, but Mondays to Wednesdays are more crucial for me.

On Thursdays She would need to be picked up at my place at 9:15am instead (school starts 9:30am). At 2:30pm, she would be picked up from school to be dropped off at my place. I’m a full time working mum – and I don’t drive, so I need some help. I don’t have a fixed routine on Thursday mornings, some days I may do it myself.

This is from July 12 till August 13. School will then be closed from August 14th and reopen September 7th (if things work out well I will like to continue for September through December too).

Thank you for reading,

Support Needed
Part Time (under 30 hours per week)
Support for Individual Age Group
Mobility Support
Transfer Support
Behaviour Support
Skills & Training
Driver’s License
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