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Assistant/Support worker

Job Description

Because this job is so very personal I am providing a short bio in the hopes that someone with similar interests will apply for this position. I am looking for a long-term employee.

About the client:
I am a socialist, a feminist and an artist in need of a new assistant/support worker. I love art, cats, gardening, coffee and music. I am a 65-year-old woman with cerebella ataxia. The ataxia means that my muscles don’t cooperate with my brain and that I am wheelchair bound. The lack of fine motor skills is where the ataxia is most noticeable. I strive to be independent and need a support worker to do so.

I am a working artist with disabilities. I require what I like to call “hands”—I need assistance to help me with art school and projects, grabbing things, flipping through pages, typing, driving, reading, speaking for me when required, etc. My brain works but my hands, voice and eyes have difficulties.


• All household and practical tasks including giving necessary medications, food preparation as required following a celiac diet, recycling, house cleaning and maintenance, shopping (mostly groceries), some laundry, watering plants, collecting mail, etc.
• Assistance with gardening
• Home office help as needed including filing and general assistance when required.
• Minimal personal care as required which would include toilet assistance
• All transfers – I can stand to transfer
• Driving client, assisting client to meet social desires, help at various venues as required.
• Helping client achieve creative needs – as “hands”
• Paying attention to my three cats (no cat allergies please!)
• Troubleshooting as necessary

Personality traits needed:
• Open minded
• Patient – my disability causes me to do things slowly and repeat myself
• Sense of humor
• Adaptable to change

Permanent full time and back up:
Permanent full time Tuesday 9:15pm-5:00pm, Wednesday 9:15am-5:00pm, Thursday 9:15am-6:30pm, Friday 9:15am-6:30pm. Plus casual back up if possible.
Promptness is required

Rate of Pay:
$19.00 for a probationary period and then a raise – amount of raise to be discussed and decided by employer and employee. Extended benefits after probationary period.
Resume to
assistantneeded@outlook.com with cover letter
Job starts as soon as possible with a few hours of training.

Support Needed
 Full Time (30+ hours per week)
Support for Individual Age Group
Over 55
Personal Care
Willing to Train
Mobility Support
Willing to Train
Behaviour Support
Willing to Train
Complex Health Needs
Willing to Train
Skills & Training
Criminal Record Check (CRC)
Driver’s License
Language Spoken
Willing to group with other family to share a Support Worker?