Rayna Chatha

Hi my name is Rayna! I am 4th year Psychology student looking to pursue a masters degree in Counselling and Art therapy.

Olivia Kajoba

I am a second-year psychology undergrad student with ambitions to work in counselling psychology after I complete my education. others would describe me as empathetic, warm and approachable and I am someone who dedicates myself to work put in front of me.

Support worker for a non-verbal teen with autism

Our family is seeking a passionate and reliable, support worker /behaviour interventionist/SLP assistant to work with our energetic 15 year old, non-verbal son with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are seeking a candidate for a long-term, stable working relationship to join our great team and work together and under the support and supervision of a group […]

Tina Lin

My name is Tina. I was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada at age 12. I have my Bachelor’s degree in linguistics and ECE certification from UBC. I began my career as an Early Childhood Educator in 2020 and am currently working full time in an inclusive daycare centre. I enjoy helping children explore […]

Home Support

Need a home support worker to help my 55 year old husband (6 ft, 190 lbs) He is disabled from a brain injury, in a wheelchair, paralyzed on the left, limited speech (has a communication device) and requires help with all aspects of daily living. Job includes (but not limited to) suppositories, showering, shaving, tube […]

Jenny Lee

I am currently studying Community Social Worker and Addiction Worker. I am working as a part-time Residential Support Worker in Richmond.

Social coach

A social worker that will do social activities and community outings with my 20 year old daughter. Familiar with ASD Preferably once a week, either Mondays, Fridays or Sat, anytime of the day, for 2-3 hrs

Activity and community inclusion support worker

We are a small non-profit Microboard, that is dedicated to our young adult to guide a self-directed life. As support worker for our microboard, you’ll build relationships, improve the quality of life by having him experience and enjoy activities in the community and home. Your job will be to help this young man to enjoy […]

Home Support Worker needed

Looking for someone to work one day a week in our home caring for a 55 year old (6ft, 190lbs) man with a brain injury. He’s in a wheelchair, paralyzed on the left side and requires help with all aspects of daily life. He is friendly, enjoys people, reading, games, chess. Has some voice limitations […]

Activity and life skills support worker

We are a small non-profit microboard dedicated to ensuring that my son with Autism can lead a self-directed life, build relationships, improve his quality of life, the roll is to help a young man with Autism to be included in the community, assisting with activities within the community and surrounding area, facilitating social interactions and […]