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Types of Jobs Available on Support Worker Central

New Blog Post Types of Jobs Available

Support Worker Central offers an array of “support worker” type roles. The term “support worker” is just one name for many types of jobs that are available on Support Worker Central (SWC) and is a general term used to summarize each position that supports someone with a disability.

If you are looking for a job supporting someone with a disability, but not sure which position is best for you, we have created a list of positions that people are hiring for (please note that many job postings on SWC will have their own unique titles but the role will be similar to what is listed below).

Types of Jobs Supporting Someone with a Disability:

  1. Support Worker or Support Staff

    Support worker or support staff can be one, or a combination of the roles mentioned below. Depending on the person who requires support, the job description for each support worker/staff may be different and some titles can be interchangeable.

  2. Community Inclusion

    Community inclusion support is providing someone the support they need that enables them to get out and participate in their local community. This can include learning a new skill, joining a social event, or participating in sports or recreational activities.

  3. Home Support

    Some people may require support in their home, which can include supporting the person with their interests, such as art, music, gardening, cleaning, or other activities they may enjoy.

  4. Personal Care

    If personal care is required, it typically intertwines with other positions. Duties can include bathing, feeding, support going to the washroom and other personal care needs.

  5. Employment or Volunteer Support

    Many people with disabilities may be employed or volunteer in the community and need their own support staff to help them complete their work.

  6. Shared Living or Live-In Support

    Shared living or live-in support is when a person with a disability requires ongoing live-in support and will hire someone to live with them. The person hired may live in the individual’s home, or the individual may live in the support staff’s home.

  7. Respite

    Respite support is typically flexible and can be for a few hours or overnight. Respite is an opportunity for the full-time caregiver, whether staff or family member, to recharge. Respite can take place in the support staff’s home, the individual’s home, or in the community.

  8. Behavioural Support

    Behavioural support addresses behaviours by working with the person and those around them to better understand why certain behaviours occur and to provide support for the person to learn positive behaviours. Common positions are a behavioural consultant or interventionist.


Keep in Mind:

  • This is just a sample of some of the positions available. All positions will look different depending on the person’s needs and how their support system is set up. Most positions will have different hours, workdays, and responsibilities.

  • As mentioned, many job postings on SWC will have their own unique titles but will represent one, or a few of the roles listed.

  • Each position will look different but will have a common goal, to support the person with the disability in living the life they choose.


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