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How to Write a Detailed Job Description

New Blog Post How to Write a Detailed Job Description

How to Write a Detailed Job Description

You’ve created a profile on Support Worker Central and now you’re ready to post a job. To help attract qualified applicants, it is important to write an appealing and detailed job description.

We’ve put together some suggestions to help you create a job description.

What is a Job Description?

A job description summarizes the responsibilities and details of the job, provides a brief overview of the person(s) the applicant will be supporting, and offers enough information for the applicant to determine if they are the right fit for the position.

Job Posting Title

The job posting title is a brief description of the job. It is very important as it’s the first thing people read when they scan the available jobs.

Suggestions to put in your job post title are:

  • Type of role (day staff, respite, live-in care, etc)
  • Time commitment (part-time, full-time, overnight, etc)
  • Who they will be supporting (type of disability the supported individual has)
  • Gender of the individual being supported (this can be helpful as some people prefer supporting individuals who identify with a certain gender)
  • Age group (is the person being supported an adult or child)
  • Any other details that may briefly summarize the job


  • Looking for live-in caregiver for young man with cerebral palsy
  • Part-time day support for child with autism
  • Weekend respite needed for women who lives independently

Job Summary

The job summary is a three- to five sentence paragraph that provides details about the job, who the person is that requires support, and who the employer is. This is an opportunity to expand on the job posting title.

Things to include in your summary are:

  • Employer information (include some information about who you are (the employer) to help the applicant understand who they will be working for).
  • Job location (the person’s home, out in the community, etc)
  • Details about the person who requires support
  • Details about the job (more specific details can be laid out in the ‘responsibilities & duties” section)

Responsibilities and Duties

Responsibilities and duties are a detailed, bulleted list of all the tasks of the role.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

A knowledge or skill is something an applicant knows or can do that helps them do a good job.

Salary and Benefits

Mentioning the salary is not mandatory but it is a nice option to include. Most people have a certain salary in mind, so they want to know the salary right away to see if it’s worth applying. Including the salary range can also help filter out applicants who require a different salary, saving everyone time.

Include any additional benefits you offer.


  • Paid activities such as coffee, movies, food, etc
  • Mileage when driving

Additional Information

This is an opportunity to provide any additional information to assist the applicant on whether it is the right job for them.


  • Is the job location on a transit line?

Special Requirements

Describe the pre-employment expectations that the employee must meet to do the job.


  • Safe vehicle in good running order
  • Current driver’s abstract
  • Business insurance on the vehicle
  • Signed medical form stating that the person is cable of performing the job
  • Flu shot, Hepatitis B vaccine, T.B. test, Covid-19 vaccine

Keep In Mind!

Some applicants may not be familiar with the disability world and may not understand some of the technical terms used within the disability community. When writing a job description, write for a person who is unfamiliar with disability terms, funding systems, types of disabilities, etc.

Stay away from using abbreviations or slang terms. When possible, write everything out clearly.

You cannot discriminate against certain protected areas of the B.C. Human Rights Code when looking for an applicant. Keep language focused on the job skills and requirements rather than on the candidate themselves.


If you require any further assistance writing a job description, please reach out to Vela Canada at info@velacanada.org.