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Is Previous Training or Education Required to be a Support Worker?

New Blog Post Is Previous Training or Education Required

What is a Support Worker?

A support worker is someone who provides emotional, social, and practical support to someone living with a disability. A support worker is a team member who helps the individual live the life they choose by supporting the person with their daily activities, support care in their home, and assist them within their community.

Do I Need Previous Training?

No. Every person is unique as every job is unique. Most employers (the person with the disability or their family/support team) will provide training. The most important thing is that you get along with the person that you are supporting and support their values and life choices.

Depending on someone’s needs, some jobs many require previous training, but again, most employers are willing to train.

Do I Need Post-Secondary Education?

No. It is rare that any post-secondary education is required. It may be helpful for some positions, but most of the education and training will be done by the individual you are supporting, or their family/support team.

What Qualifications Do I Require?

It is important to bring a caring and inclusive nature to each position. You share similar views on helping create an inclusive community and encourage independent living situations for everyone. You are open minded and willing to learn about the best ways to support the person to do what they choose each day.

Is There Anything Else I Require?

Yes, most positions will ask for one or all of the following:

  • A criminal record check
  • First aid (if you don’t have first aid, many employers will help you obtain it)
  • A driver’s abstract and appropriate car insurance if driving is part of the job

*There may be additional requirements, such as up-to-date vaccinations, but this is dependent on the position.

What Types of Duties Does a Support Worker Perform?

Duties can range from:

  • Helping the person with their daily activities and hobbies
  • Going out into the community together
  • Providing personal care, such as toileting or bathing
  • Preparing meals (some people may require support eating)

How Do I Get a Job Being a Support Worker?

Easy. Create a profile on www.supportworkercentral.ca and apply for any jobs in your community.

Tip! If you see a job you like, message the hiring employer (individual or family). Don’t wait for people to reach out to you, be proactive and apply to the jobs that interest you.